My wife and I employed the services of Dalerie to sell our previous home while at the same time assisting us in finding a new one.  We could not have been happier with Dalerie.  She was very attentive, and always made time for us.  She seemed very knowledgeable, both about the real estate market and the upsides/downsides of each property we looked at.  She was very good at finding quality properties that met our specific needs and budget as a young family.  We had never used a Realtor before but had heard not-so-favorable things from friends/co-workers about Realtor they had used.  After hearing these stories, we were so pleasantly surprised with Dalerie.


She could not have been friendlier while going through the buying process, and I can honestly say, I dont think Dalerie is your typical Realtor.   The care and concern she showed for us, made the intimidating real estate market much easier to deal with. To this day (9 months later), she will check up on us to see where things are at.


It left a strong, lasting impression on us, and for all the above reasons, we would highly recommend Dalerie Peterson for buying or selling your home.


Curtis & Cindy

Thank you for all your hard work and getting my house sold even in this tough market!  Also thanks for helping me find my new place.  I absolutely love it and I am looking forward to a summer with no yard work!!!  You'll have to come and see the condo once I get all moved in.

Thanks again for everything,

Dalerie made me comfortable and confident in the decisions I was making as a nervous first time home-buyer. She had my best interests at heart and felt like a parent guiding me through the process.


Over the years Dalerie has represented our interests in several real estate transactions, including both personal and commercial. Her professionalism and attention to detail have saved deals for us that we may have otherwise given up on. We would highly recommend Dalerie to anyone in search of a realtor you can put your trust in.

Marc & Sandra

Dalerie and I met in 2005 when I toured an open house she was holding around the corner from me.  I was in the process of divorce and knew that someday I was going to have to move, I just didn't know when.  As I started to talk to her about my situation, the words came easy as she was understanding of my emotional situation, I didn't want to sell my home.


She kept in touch with me through the next two years of a messy divorce, still looking at homes and someone I could talk to about the upcoming changes we both knew were on the horizon.  When the time came in 2007 to put my home on the market, she helped immensely with showing me my options and being MY voice while my ex-husband's agent wanted to "FIRE SALE" the house from under me.  Having her Co-List with my ex-husband's agent gave me some security knowing I wouldn't be bullied into accepting an unfair offer.


Dalerie's sensitive, understanding and down-to-earth nature gave me the strength to go out and find my new home (which I love!!!) and helped me through the process of selling and buying I had never done on my own before.

I can say, with a grateful heart, that as she may have started out my agent, but she will always remain my friend.



I first come to know about Dalerie from this very website. I was interested in a house I had seen through MLS listings, it said you were the realtor and for more information go to your website. Your website is so beautiful and once the music began to play well..I actually had tears in my eyes, and it wasen't even our house that was up for sale on the website. Within a couple minutes I knew that I would love to have you be our realtor and called you right away.

We talked on the phone, with the intention of meeting each other in a couple days, you were a few hours out of town. We were looking to buy a new home and sell our current house. In the meantime, we were looking at houses online that we would want to go and have a look at for when you got back. There was a house that my husband found on MLS that looked great AND there was a open house the next day. So we went to the open house, fell in love and the rest is history!

Ya right....Dalerie you had your work cut out for you!!

That night was a whirlwind that we were negotiating offers on our house to be. You worked soo hard for us.  I believe till midnight or later and we had never even met in person yet.  After many hours and a few really late nights, the house was officially ours.

Now to put our current house up for sale. You did such an amazing job of taking photos of our house and we loved that you did a lot of advertising too! You helped us with staging our house so that it would look great for potential buyers. You did a great job with open houses as well and even had multiple people saying to you that our house looks better than the show homes. Our house sold in less than a month and we had 4 offers on it.

Dalerie, you were so great to work with and you really worked so hard for us! We give you a 10/10.  We are forever grateful for all your kindness and thanks for calling us every so often too. Our family loves our new house and so happy we found our "Home Sweet Home"

Curtis, Tara, Jasmine, CJ

Having traveled across three provinces to relocate to Medicine Hat, and not knowing anyone or being familiar with the city Dalerie was recommended to us by another of her clients.


She persevered with our search requirements and our often stringent expectations on home viewings, assisting us to locate the perfect find.  After only a couple of  home viewings, she had the instincts to know exactly what we were looking for in a new home.  All questions and concerns that we had, she was always available to provide the answers to assist us in the oft times confusing process of Real Estate transactions.


If we were to move again, Dalerie would be our first and only choice for representation.